Behind the Scenes of ‘Dancing With My Boyz’: An Exclusive Interview With Avi Sic
Words: Rhys Buckham
April 15, 2024

In this exclusive interview, the Producer and DJ Avi Sic joins us to discuss her recent single, ‘Dancing With My Boyz’; a high-energy Tech House production, detailed with pounding beats, potent basslines, and infectious rhythms, the track no doubt impressed, climbing high on the list of fan favourites for the Producer. So, today we’re looking forward to learning more about the process, technical elements, and the influences behind the track, gaining an insight into Avi Sic’s approach when it comes to producing such impactful productions.

Hi, Avi! Congrats on your release of ‘Dancing With My Boyz’! How are you doing?

I’m great, thank you for having me!

What was your inspiration behind this fun Tech House track and its title, ‘Dancing With My Boyz’?

I set out to make something fun and carefree that gets the dancefloor hyped. The title actually changed a few times. Started out as ‘In The Club’ but that felt too 50 Cent so I used the latter half of the phrase instead as the title. It has Night at the Roxbury vibes. I can picture those guys on a night on the town with this as their soundtrack. 

Were there any musical influences that played a part in shaping the vibe of this track? 

Bass House synths with some Tech House drums. Chris Lake ish sound fx, and some Walker & Royce synth influence. 

Was the process for layering this track different compared to your other releases?

I’ve become pretty streamlined with my process, so this is kind of standard for me. A big bassline and kick, lots of drum and percussion layers and then the synths and ear candy that sit above all that and stick out.

Which elements of this track do you feel highlight your signature sound? 

The drop synths. Always catchy and big.

Were there new instruments or sounds added to this release that aren’t used in your other ones?

Of course, I don’t repeat the same sounds often. Lots of squishy bass hits and filtering on the main synth. Pitch shifting, etc. 

Is there a message you want to convey through the lyrics of this track? If so, could you share more? 

The lyrics say it all. It’s super silly and fun. It’s meant as a pregame track to the party. Something to carry with you into the night when you get out of the car after listening to it on your way to the festival or club. I made sure to maintain a bit of darkness with the drums. It’s the perfect soundtrack to share with friends.  

Did you learn something new while creating this track?

Always. This track actually started out as a collaboration with my friend Andrew Lux who is killing it – but he wasn’t feeling it anymore. He wrote the original bassline and pluck melody. I changed those up a bit but definitely had a few takeaways from seeing his original session work.  

How does it feel to have your track being released on Don Diablo’s label, Generation Hex?

It’s awesome, I definitely met a goal of mine with this one. He even gave a shoutout on his radio show and supported the track in his playlists. I’ve had some great DJ support on this one including Fedde Le Grand, Swanky Tunes, and Plastik Funk. Spotify added to their Women Of Electronic playlist which is such an honour to be included on and also on their Nasty Bits playlist which I love. 

Any new and exciting releases and live shows coming up?

I have a few upcoming releases on deck – one with Costel Van Dein (Revealed) that I’m very excited to finally get out. I’m also working on a handful of solo tracks and collaborating with some of my new favourite up-and-coming producers Kiro Prime (Confession), Casmalia (Night Bass), Footwork (Stereohype) and more. I’ll be playing the North Coast Music Festival over Labor Day weekend which will be a blast, excited to make my return to that plus tons of local Chicago shows for the next few months. 

From our conversation, Avi Sic’s enthusiasm and love for creating powerful music is no doubt clear, continuing to drive her to exciting new ground as she keeps delivering high-quality releases and live shows. So, we close out our interview by thanking Avi Sic for her time and eagerly anticipate hearing what is next to come from this talented Producer and DJ. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out ‘Dancing With My Boyz’ and be sure to keep an eye on Avi Sic by following her across social media.


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