Behind the Scenes of ‘Timewarp’ : An Exclusive Interview With Sander Wilder
Words: Rhys Buckham
April 15, 2024

Fresh from the release of his latest single, ‘Timewarp’, Sander Wilder joins us for this exclusive interview to take us behind the scenes of the track, diving into his inspirations and the process that led to such an electrifying production. As he continues to make a name for himself within Electronic Music, both through his unique signature sound, one that blends elements from across genres like Progressive and Melodic, and with monthly episodes of his high-quality radio show, ‘Global Feelings’, Sander Wilder is surely taking the genre by storm, quickly gaining a reputation on the scene.

Hi, Sander! Congrats on the release of ‘Timewarp’! How are you doing?

Hey there, nice to meet you! Thank you for your nice words. Doing great here, hope the best for you as well.

We would love to hear about the inspiration and concept behind this track, ‘Timewarp.’

The initial direction of the track was actually different, I was experimenting with some different elements, even specific for other sub-styles, and simply at some point, there was a creative spark which gave this direction to the track.

What is your favourite stand-out moment in this piece?

The melodic/vocal breakdown which evolves into the main section of the track where the snare roll and piano kick in, I consider this the most intense part of the track for me.

How would you describe ‘Timewarp’ to a first-time listener?

Immersive, melodic, and atmospheric, taking the listener on a journey.

Were there any musical influences you pulled from to create the sounds in this track?

The track has a blend between Melodic Techno, Future Rave and a touch of Trance flavour – basically, I wanted a track with a higher level of energy but at the same time I really wanted to keep a deepness and an atmospheric presence in it.

Did you collaborate with a vocalist on this track? And were there new instruments or sounds you experimented with in this piece?

The vocal is adapted from an existing sounds library, I simply felt that the vocal approach was a good fit for my track. There are a few new sounds that I’ve experimented with, as I’ve bought in World music elements (this can be felt mostly at the breakdown).

What about this track is different compared to your previous releases, such as ‘Into The Abyss’?

The energy and deepness are much higher and more intense, and, besides this, the vocals are what give the track a new direction. Speaking about the vocal, another difference is having two mixes, a vocal one and a Dub Mix for those listeners who don’t want lyrics and simply want to enjoy the melodic playfulness and deepness of the breakdown.

What about ‘Timewarp’ defines your distinct Melodic House and Techno sound?

Blending between melodies, energy-sustaining synths, the atmosphere and the evolving groove throughout the track are the defining ‘ingredients’ of my sound.

Did you learn something new while producing this track?

Every production of mine has new knowledge attached to it. Specifically, in this track, it was to find a better approach for balancing multiple vocal atmospheric elements around the main vocal element.

What is next for Sander Wilder? Any more releases coming up soon? Thank you for sharing more with us about ‘Timewarp’!

Yes, actually, I have a very good period coming up from a Producer perspective – there are another 2 tracks locked up for release, you’ll find out more on my social media about release dates. Thank you – happy to share insights with you about the ‘Timewarp’ release.

As we look forward to hearing more from Sander Wilder soon, we conclude our interview with him, thanking him for sharing such an insightful glimpse into his track ‘Timewarp’; sure to continue carving out a unique path within Electronic Music, continuing to bring exciting releases for fans to immerse themselves in, we eagerly encourage you to keep Sander Wilder on your radar by following him across social media.

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