Career Highlights With Cyazon
Words: Rhys Buckham
April 15, 2024

Cyazon continues to make his mark on the landscape of Electronic Music, delivering productions that continually serve as proof of his impressive talents and unique creativity. Known for a sound that blends across genres, including Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Midtempo, Cyazon’s production catalogue is becoming increasingly detailed with high-quality tracks and high-energy collaborations with other gifted Artists. So, today we’re looking forward to being joined in conversation with Cyazon to talk about his career so far, looking at the exciting moments that continue to stand out.

Hi Cyazon! How have you been? 

Hi! Good thank you.

To start, what would you consider to be the standout moments or highlights of your music career thus far?

Some standout moments in my music career are my Monstercat debut ‘Neo Soul’ in 2020, which has 1.3 million streams on Spotify, my collaboration with Au5 on Ophelia Records from last year, and placements of my music in video games.

What were some of the early career milestones that had helped you gain a reputation in the Electronic Music scene?

Like I mentioned, my Monstercat single in 2020 really helped me gain traction in my music career as well as my reputation in the music scene. My release with Night Mode in 2020, ‘Shadowrunner’, also helped.

How did it feel to have your debut single, ‘Neo Soul’ on Monstercat when you first started? 

During that time when ‘Neo Soul’ was released, it was a busy few months, yet it was an exciting time for me as it was my first significant label release.

How do you feel your musical identity has evolved since you first started? Are there any specific moments that mark important changes to your style or approach?

I would say the unreleased music I have now goes in a very different direction, sound-wise, than my previous music. It’s less techy and cyberpunk-sounding and more analog, cinematic, synthwave-sounding. It sounds like I’m telling more of a story with my unreleased music. The songwriting approach to how I write melodies has not changed too much, so that has stayed the same. 

Do you have some memorable moments or highlights from when you first started live-streaming on Monstercat’s MCTV livestream on Twitch?

Like I have mentioned, after the MCTV livestream I did in 2020, the major highlights happened in 2023 when I released my song ‘Before You Leave’ with Au5 on Ophelia. I also did a remix for a game in 2023, which was released through Monstercat, so that was a highlight as well. 

Which collaborations with vocalists have been pivotal to your music career? 

Collaborating with Essenger and Tyler Graves on my released discography has really pushed things along in my music career. I’m looking forward to the unreleased music I have with vocalists that I have always wanted to work with. Some of those vocalists are going to really progress things with my music career I believe. 

How does it feel to now have the support of major labels such as FiXT, Bass Rebels, Ophelia, Monstercat, and Circus Records for your music?

It feels great to have released music with those labels. I still would like to release more consistently with Monstercat and labels of that level to further progress my career.

What are some of your favourite tracks or releases you are proud to have produced so far? 

I really like how ‘Before You Leave’ turned out with Au5 and Tyler Graves and ‘Neo Soul’ with Essenger. Those songs mean a lot to me since I was writing it during times when I was struggling. I also enjoyed creating ‘Ultraviolet’ with Becko as well. 

Looking forward, what are your goals or aspirations for the future of your music career in Electronic Music?

My main goal for the future of my music career is to sign with a booking agency and perform and play shows and festivals consistently to make a living/income from performing.

Having had such an enthralling journey so far, we’re sure that Cyazon will continue paving a distinct way within Electronic Music as he promises to bring more captivating sounds and exciting collaborations to his listeners. So, be sure to stay in the know by following Cyazon across social media, as he surely remains a talent not to miss. 

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