DJ Dris & Behind the Scenes of ‘Riding Ecstasy’ + Interview
Words: Mike Mode
June 13, 2024

DJ Dris recently dropped his Afro House production ‘Riding Ecstasy’ alongside vocalist Roxa Damas; infused with a unique energy, incorporating shuffled beats, compelling melodic lines, and catchy details, the track came as a powerful addition to DJ Dris’ catalogue, serving as yet more credit as to the potential and promise his creativity holds. So, today we’re looking forward to sitting down with DJ Dris as he takes us behind the scenes of the release, taking us on a journey through its creation and his collaboration alongside Roxa Damas.

Hey DJ Dris, how are you?

I am good thank you.

With the release of this new track, what’s the reception been like from listeners so far? 

It has been interesting as I feel not many expected this type of sound from me – being a more mellow track in some regards.

Did you have any specific intentions when you set out to produce ‘Riding Ecstasy’? Was there a particular sound that you were striving towards?

I was creating a song based on the emotion of Ecstasy. The feeling of being in an amazing place.

Having been frequently releasing music throughout the last few months, what about this new track would you say differs from your previous releases?

The spoken word element on this track is different and almost puts it in a different genre. I also think each track is very different in their own right as I’m trying to show variety.

Can you walk us through the production process of this track?

So, I started this track as usual, creating the drum pattern used in the majority of the track. Then I played the pads and looked for a lead sound I resonated with. When I had those gelled together, I constructed the structure of the track.

The track features the vocals of Roxa Damas, can you tell us about how this collaboration came about? How did you work together to add her vocals to the production?

Roxa Damas is my partner and now also my manager; this track was the 1st track we created together. The vocals actually came from a voice note she had sent me shortly after we met. I asked if she had any spoken word ideas and that was what she sent. I loved it so I decided to make ‘Riding Ecstasy’ and stay in touch!

The rhythmic elements and groovy beats of ‘Riding Ecstasy’ create a particular energy throughout the track. Can you share with us how you created these elements and what your approach looked like when it came to constructing the different rhythmic details?

I really was going for a more gritty Afro House sounding track that would give the listener the feeling of Ecstasy (not the drug). So, everything is very hard-hitting at times and in parts very soft and moody. That is my perception of the feeling of ecstasy anyway. So, during the bridge/breakdown in the track I made sure that the drum pattern opens up in a way that does not interfere with the melodies. These elements create an interesting pulse and make the listener feel like the tempo of the track has increased.

Did you learn anything new when it came to the production of ‘Riding Ecstasy’?

At the time I created the track it was very early in this phase of my production career and the use of what I call hollowing out a track (giving the drums more space to hit) was one of my 1st attempts at doing this. So, I learnt that while doing this track.

‘Riding Ecstasy’ evolves into a mesmerising soundscape, immersive and engaging in sonic experience. How do you approach structuring your tracks to ensure that listeners remain captivated and hooked?

I love structuring my tracks based on how I would like to listen to them, either to dance, perhaps on an evening drive in the car or walking through a park. So, I try to not crowd out tracks with loads of vocals but also ensure that the vocals are memorable. I always make sure that the track is ever evolving so I try to add new elements after certain points or take elements out. The bridge I love to change the pattern of a prominent sound, within the soundscape, i.e. the bass or lead usually. This creates a prominent drop and shocks the listeners.

Where do you see your sound progressing next? What can fans expect to hear with your upcoming releases?

Well, it’s interesting because when I’m asked this question I know where it’s going as I have been releasing in a sort of chronological order spanning the last 3 years. What I can say is that I have a lot of music coming and each release is fine-tuning the sound that I hope everyone will grow to love. I have a few more release dates penned in up until July and then I guess, based on the reception, I will assess what to drop next.

With a musical journey that continues to guide him to exciting ground, exploring and elevating his creativity in each release, DJ Dris remains a talent to be watching closely, keeping his passion for his craft and artistic momentum at the centre of his creativity. So, we close out our interview by thanking DJ Dris for his time and for sharing a glimpse into his approach when it came to constructing the compelling sound of his track ‘Riding Ecstasy’; with new music still to come, DJ Dris is a talent to stay up to date with.

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