Chosen From Over 700 Submissions, Buranello’s Marika Is Out On David Morales’ Diridim
Words: Rhys Buckham
July 5, 2024

This new track by Buranello is an intense, textured sound, designed to create moments of tension and euphoria. DJs have had access to the track on Beatport since the 21st of June.

Marika embodies Buranello’s progressive vision of groove, showcasing his ability to create music that appeals to both critics and the general public. His recently released EP, “Fading,” also received acclaim from major artists. “Marika” represents a notable achievement for Buranello, having been personally selected by the “Father of House Music,” legendary DJ and music producer David Morales, during a live online A&R session. Morales, along with Frankie Knuckles, is historically regarded as a pioneer of House music. “Frankie Knuckles was my older sister”, said David Morales to The Guardian once.

Both have influenced a wide range of producers, leading to a new approach to music production, characterised by vocals and melodious arrangements. “Marika” has also garnered support from prominent artists such as Anthony Pappa, Ilario Alicante, Steve Lawler, and Paco Osuna.

The track evolves continuously, beginning with an engaging melody and dynamic percussion, and culminating in a high-energy peak. The captivating melody and aggressive bassline are complemented by drum samples and synthesiser tones. Buranello utilised plugins such as U-He’s Diva and Arturia’s Pigments 5 to create a unique atmosphere.

“David Morales heard my music during an online event where producers could submit their tracks for feedback from various artists. He was very impressed with ‘Marika’ and decided to sign it to his label, Diridim. In May, I had the opportunity to attend a music production retreat with David Morales, Josh Wink, Marshall Jefferson, and Funk D’Void. We met in person for the first time and developed a great chemistry. Since then, I’ve been in close contact with David and the label,” said Buranello.

The climax of “Marika” is a moment of pure energy, where the combination of all elements creates a sense of euphoria. The progression of the music maintains the listener’s attention, building up to a powerful and exhilarating peak.

In his statement to Mixmag Brazil, Buranello expressed his commitment to not being confined to a single production style. “I love the melodic and progressive, so my productions will always revolve around these styles. Some will lean more towards one side, others towards the other, and sometimes a blend of both. Each genre has its unique sounds, and I will always produce what I enjoy and what I want to play.”

Buranello hopes his music evokes various emotions in listeners and creates unforgettable moments on the dance floor. With new releases and collaborations on the horizon, he is poised to continue surprising and delighting his audience.

Buranello’s discography and new single Marika are available on Spotify