Best Rave Inspired Movies You Must See


There are movies for everyone and of course, there are also movies for us ravers to enjoy; maybe on a weekend you want to go out party but for some reason, can’t. This could serve as a good substitute for us when a good party is not on the schedule. Believe it or not, we do need to rest sometimes. So why not watch a movie inspired by the rave culture, instead?

1.   It’s All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

Supposedly based on a true story, this movie tells the story about DJ Frankie Wild who is starting to lose his hearing. With doctors orders are to stay completely clear of drugs and away from loud noise. He, of course, does exactly the opposite and ends up with loses his hearing completely. Things aren’t looking good for him, falling down in a spiral of depression, anger and drugs. Just when it seems that there is no hope for this guy, he decides to turn his life around. He realises in during this change, that there are other ways to pick up sound waves and make music, by feeling it instead. The story continues with him making a successful album, just by feeling the music and looking at the changing voltages on the oscilloscope. This is a very inspiring movie to motivate yourself, to pick yourself up when you are down, and that it is only you that sets your own limits. Everything is possible.

2.   One perfect day (2004)

This movie is about Tommy Matisse, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. With a good sense of music hearing, he is able to find music in everything he listens to. He finds music in unusual sources such as the everyday ambient noises we have around us but might not listen to. Tommy is studying at Royal Academy of Music in London and is a successful violinist and composer. He himself does not like the classic music sounds and rebels against traditional music. The movie is about explorations of new musical dimensions as this is what Tommy is searching for. The long distance with his girlfriend Alysse back in Australia doesn’t stop them from reaching their dream project – an operatic song title “One Perfect Day.” As things turn rather bad at home with Alysse and his sister Emma, exploring the underground scene with all that comes to it, Tommy goes beyond boundaries with creating and mixing two elements of music together to create an entirely new experience – a mix between classical music and electronic beats.

3.   Tomorrowland – 10 years of Unity, Love and Magic (2014)

This is the documentary behind the legendary festival Tomorrowland. In 2005 when the Dutch entertainment and media enterprise ID&T set out to plan and organise this Electronic musical festival, it was never in their mind that it would end up as big as it did.  They never thought that it would reach further than Belgium or the Netherlands. Now, ten years later they stand for one of the most talked about electronic music festivals in today’s electronic music world. Known as one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world with their 400,000 visitors, each year they continue to deliver a top-notch party. This documentary can give you a taste of this festival and what it is all about.

4.   Moog (2004)

For you synthesiser lovers, this may be the documentary for you. Moog is about one of the biggest pioneers of electronic music, the one who created and invented the Moog Synthesizers in 1966 – Dr Robert Moog. He invented revolutionary instruments for the music scene that lives on even in the society of today. When he first introduced the unique sound of his equipment, people had a hard time with these newly invented sounds and called them unnatural. Media quickly labelled it under the negative formula but he proved them wrong when more and more musicians got attracted to the new form of sound and Dr Moog was later called as being a complete genius, of that time. It’s a documentary without a chronological order, and it will get you a better understanding of what Dr Moog brought to the musical world and who he was from the beginning.


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