Bouncer Shortage Could Stop Clubs From Reopening


The UK Door Security Association (UKDSA) has raised concerns over the current numbers of available security staff – which could potentially stop venues from reopening in the coming months.

With positive news circulating around the UK following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that nightclubs and music venues could reopen as soon as 21st June 2021, all affected sectors have begun to gear up towards the day that we have all been waiting for! 

As was to be expected, there are a multitude of measures that need to be put into place to ensure the safety of the crowd, and one of the most concerning is the number of security staff to supervise the venue. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and the UK’s recent ‘Brexit’, many ‘bouncers’ have undergone a change in careers – and many of those who are not British nationals have returned to their home countries. 

According to a report from the BBC, the UKDSA [UK Door Security Association] – the body representing security staff – is estimating that half of the venues set to reopen may not have enough security staff, meaning many bars and nightclubs won’t be able to return to business in June this year. 

Stuart Glen, co-founder of London club The Cause, told the BBC that he expects a lot of pressure when the venue opens this June.

“When we go back on 21st June every operator in our field, every festival, nightclub, bar, restaurant, theatre, every event has been gagging to get back on track and suddenly everyone is going to say we need security staff,”  he said.

“Having the correct ratio of security staff is a condition of holding a licence to operate. If we can’t find the staff then we physically can’t open. It’s a major issue”. Stuart explained.

In addition, the UKDSA is pushing to postpone new training regulations which are due to come into force in April, to help recruit new security staff more efficiently and allowing venues to reopen safely. The new regulations include a mandatory First Aid qualification and additional requirements to deal with terrorist threats as well as carrying body-worn video cameras and breathalysers. 

No one knows for certain how this will affect the nightlife sector in the upcoming months, but we can be sure that everyone involved is working vigorously towards a safe reopening – giving us hope that in only a matter of time, we can all dance together again!

Official site: UKDSA (The UK Door Security Association)


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