Breakbeat, Modernism, and a Cultural Resurgence


During the early 1920s, a time in history that marks the beginning of the interwar period, Kaunas city became the epicenter of Lithuania’s modern cultural flourishing and the symbolic landmark of national identity, independence, and free-thinking. Its uniqueness was, however, forced into a deep stagnation under the Soviet regime, and now, nearly a hundred years later, Kaunas is repeating its cultural renaissance.

The city has been consistently taking small steps in reclaiming its lost identity, ultimately reaching a point, where the resurgence is felt through the architectural novelties, the cultural maturity, and the spirit of the people. Its electronic music landscape has grown to become among some the most attractive ones around Europe for its young generation of noteworthy talents. The small-but-dedicated community of Kaunas’ underground scene was already able to put Lithuania’s name on more than a few headlines.

To properly celebrate its authentic cultural progress and love for modern electronic music, Antidote Community decided to shoot the 12th episode of their series on the rooftop of a former radio factory, right next to Kaunas’ most recognizable modernist monument – the Christ’s Resurrection Basilica. This outstanding landmark symbolically links the different epochs of the city, demonstrating its true authenticity and beauty: the wooden interwar houses, the remarkable old town, and the contemporary town center.
There was no better person to lead the episode than Kaunas’ very own born and bred electronic music DJ, resident at Lizdas nightclub, and prominent social figure – Less Feeling (Šarūnas Šimaitis Lsar).

The artist delivered a provocative and stimulating set as he went headfirst into the hypnotic rhythms of house, acid, and breakbeat. However, this time it’s not the genres that really make the performance stand out, but rather the remarkable selection of tracks and the emotions they reflect upon the listeners.
The newest episode aims to show that the development of cultural idealism and artistic modernity in Kaunas is emerging by taking a completely different turn for the second time in history.

Put it all together with the authentic urban scenery captured by the Antidote production crew and you have yourself a solid taste of what the former capital of Lithuania is heading for in its cultural revival.


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