Electric Mode launches into 2017


In a world of media heavy movement we felt it time to re-open the channels of real news and engage an audience with community focus. Roll out the records and let’s keep great vibes moving.

Lots of news resources show only paid for advertorials or promoted DJs. We are treating all music and events like the first time we have been to it. It’s a flat structure allowing everyone to have an opportunity to have their feature regardless of status, background and following. We are bringing the quality of the music and event back to the forefront – money and popularity is not our motivator.

Electric Mode is a new digital magazine and resource that has taken been under production for a few years. The primary focus will be to provide an online community for the electronic music industry that provides real news, shares music and promotes networking whilst looking after the music industry community through advice portals and providing an open resource of services normally resigned to independent traders.

As the initial magazine completes it’s first rotation we will actively be updating and inspiring the industry by incorporating and extending our online activity. Expect Electric Mode to become far more than a standard music magazine as our focus will be to continually add new integrated feature to eventually become an all encompassing hub for news, reviews, resource, storyline, lifestyle, community all with an interactive social front. We hope you enjoy and share the Electric Mode experience as we progress our global expansion in 2017.

The Electric Mode team are a collective of well versed industry professionals. They have extensively serviced the music industry across a variation of platforms and medias for many years. We have carefully chosen people with a refreshing approach but also steeped in experience and knowledge from all corners including production, promotion, publishing, sales, marketing, multi-media, performance, recording, event and artist management and best of all clubbers who care about the community and conscious expression.

” Our aim is to rewrite how the music industry connects with each other and reaches out to their own audience.”



About Author

Sunita is the key driving force for the Electric Mode concept. Her projects to date have been both influential and innovative. As a firm supporter of music, integrity and community we are fortunate to have a Sunita's skill set and networks in a professional capacity.

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