Ibiza Confirms Night Club Reopening In April!


Nightlife will reportedly soon return to one of the world’s top clubbing destinations, Ibiza, and we’re welcoming the return two weeks earlier than previous years, making 2022 the longest clubbing season in history.

According to a report by Diario de Ibiza, a number of nightlife and tourism officials have confirmed plans for the island’s nightclubs to return in April 2022. The onset and impact of COVID-19 decimated Ibiza’s nightlife sector, which hasn’t been fully open since 2019.

“The idea is that the opening will be at the end of April, two weeks ahead of what is normally done,” said José Luis Benítez, Manager of the Ibiza Leisure Association, per Diario. He added that the hope is to persist until November if “all goes well,” 

Spain is keen to welcome tourists back to the country and its islands, with tourism minister Reyes Maroto recently stressing “Spain is a safe tourism destination” and “Governments must not raise alarms” in light of rising COVID cases at a press conference.

Ibiza is one of the most popular clubbing destinations in the world, and tourism is a major contributor to its economy. According to Benítez, “all of the island’s major nightlife enterprises are actively working this winter to prepare for the season.” He added: “Even so, we will proceed with caution and in collaboration with the authorities.”

COVID passports may still be used for entry to Ibiza clubs if cases are high, but this is only being considered a back-up and to ensure they open. Iago Negueruela, Balearic Tourism Consellor, said: “This summer, the nightclubs will be open. The COVID passport serves as a security too.


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