LaMask Releases Video For Their Latest Single ‘Nave’

Driven by an interplanetary artistic edge, music with a definable message to all inhabitants of our modern world are instantly engaged by this quasi electronic, rock inspired outfit. Landing with this latest release, it’s time to switch on to LaMask and checkout their genre busting sound.
The extraterrestrial supergroup LaMask releases their latest video for their single ‘Nave‘, to save the world from an incoming alien invasion in the year 2380. Only LaMask can save humanity, and with their Queen and AC DC inspired tracks, there is no wonder. Bordering on anthemic, and with a phenomenal video to accompany it, this trio is ready to take on alien villains and liberate the downtrodden.

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LaMask is an animated group, similar to the Gorillaz concept, that makes music to protect the human race from any extraterrestrial forces that await in space. They will unite the people of Earth with their alien zombie language and alternative rock power track will give the keys to organize the infected and save the planet.
LaMask invites you to follow this musical adventure, and with them, delve into this unique musical story that will feature animated scenarios and more characters along the way!

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