New House Music Anthem: Come Back Baby on Dopewax Records


Annually a few major tracks rise to prominence at the hands of the worlds best DJ’s and aptly judged by the feet of global clubbers. This year a brand new outfit hits the clubbing territory with a song of epic proportion that we foresee as going to become an instant classic impacting the charts and the house scene as we know it.

Come Back Baby, a powerful track that punctuates a resounding message can be heard and spotted at 40 paces as a surefire hit, it instantly translates into an effective anthem that reverberates across all the key DJ sets throughout the world. This latest signing to the iconic Dopewax Records from New York City comes in the perfect package of deep, pronounced beats and meticulously crowned with a memorable vocal hook you know will be repeated by anyone that experiences the song this summer regardless of location. Thankfully for us, the team behind the track are well positioned in the USA, UK and Ibiza so we’re fully assured the track will reach the perfect platform to breed a chart topping success.

The artists behind the enviable tune Come Back Baby have both been active for many years and this is the penultimate culmination of their experience and production to date. Enter 2018 and a brand new collaboration between Dante Payne and Rubedo Walker who have been curating their sound under many guises finally step forward. A chance introduction to Matt Mckillop who has serviced the industry as an artist (one half of Deep City Soul), label owner, A&R for the likes of Further Recordings (previously Fabric), club owner, promoter, magazine editor (currently Electric Mode) and marketing expert for The Everyday Agency, delivered Come Back Baby into the right hands indeed.

The story behind Come Back Baby by Dante Payne

Come Back Baby happened by accident. It was September night. I was in bed listening through to the latest song ideas my writing partner Cliff Rossiter and I had been working on over the previous weeks. We were booked into the studio with James, our engineer, next Tuesday to finish a song and I realised that all the ideas we have came up with just weren’t right. It became very apparent to me that I either cancel next week’s studio session or we had better come up with something else quicktime. I started digging around my hard drives for inspiration, including a file of acappella’s that Cliff sent me long time ago. I immediately paused at Come Back Baby. A smooth reggae style vocal oozed out the speakers, my ears pricked up as the smile hit my face. ‘She is amazing…’ I quickly called Cliff… ‘so damn talented!’. Then the idea hit me. We take her magical vocal and mix it with heavy beats and a slow dirty groove. The following Tuesday we spent a magical day in the studio allowing ourselves to be guided by James’ amazing ear and experienced a hit record taking shape. We completed something very special that day and the rest is now history as they say, you decide.

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