New Order – Oldie But A Goldie


 We rewind and preview back to the glory days of the electronic industry!

In the year 1980, a rock band formed which mixed post-punk attitude with an outward influence of electronica paving the way for future electronic music. New Orders breakthrough was with their hit single, Blue Monday, released in 1983 by Factory Records and preparing the industry for an onslaught of analog frequencies now heavily featured in techno and precursor to this future sound. Standing as one of longest chart positions in England at the time, it is without doubt about this songs long term contributing influence to the electronic music scene. Considered both inventive and evolutionary at the time, the combination of synths, electronic drums, keyboards and vocals was called Synthpop and heralded a whole new genre.

Blue Monday is often recalled as one of the most important crossover songs of our time, hitting charts across different genres and showcasing a clear influence from the early New York club scene responsible for the foundation of fashion and clubland as we know it. New Order is still revered and rewarded as one of the most influential bands of this era. This killer single was later revisited by the band 1988 and again in 1995, all of its versions still measure up against today’s mix and mastering techniques and the moment it’s emphatic sound weaves through the speakers crowds flock to the dance floor. Regularly featured on radio rotation many decades on this surefire anthem appears at weddings through to clubbing heavyweights Amnesia and even at Space within it’s final year closing parties.


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