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What is ‘DJ Growth Lab’? One of the hottest new groups on Facebook that is the perfect place for seasoned professionals and newcomers alike to interact, engage and support each others growth. Not just a news portal but an active and positive new approach.

Set up by Ibiza resident Danny Savage who is widely respected as a music industry specialist, consultant, speaker and author this new community is aimed to help DJs & musicians obtain the necessary knowledge, tools and techniques it takes to build their profiles. Danny suggests he hates to see talented artists struggle due to their lack of knowledge and ability to transcend the curve of modern marketing. This knowledge can be easily obtained online, but where do you even start? The answer is now DJ Growth Lab! (but this isn’t an open group for just anyone, there is a strict acceptance procedure to join and discuss and firstly you must qualify).

“For those who are serious about their ascension in the industry”

Don’t get this wrong, the group is far from an elitist foundation it is openly aimed at assisting people and for the greater good of the industry but all members must be actively engaged and prepared to work as a community, something we very much support. Over the coming months, the group will play host to some of the best DJs, producers, promoters, agents and experts in the dance music industry available to answer any questions and help provide strategic steps to build your own fan-base and ultimately the move to get more gigs.

There are millions of DJs on Facebook, and as the group notes suggest, they only want the ones in their tribe (collective) that are willing to work their arses off and learn fresh skills to develop their industry standing. This group is not suggesting a ‘quick fix’, nor a fast-track to a new career, it is appropriately leveraged as a collective learning tool, prompting enthusiasts to take action and become better artists and self sufficient. The group host Danny Savage is extremely well versed in finding success in the scene and utilises every piece of acquired knowledge and connection he has ever made to support his fans and followers on his social pages and DJ Growth Group, already releasing a string of downloadable eBooks to help Build Your DJ Profile and also DJ Goal Setting and more.

Want to know more?

Then head across to and read the blogs or contact him directly with your most burning questions, Danny is an veritable fountain of knowledge and networks when it comes to electronic music.

Follow the Danny Savage social page for regular updates on his latest podcasts and there’s always a healthy dose of motivation merged in 


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