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The closing of Space left a solid hole in the Ibiza music terrain, an undisputed champion for club land and the electronic music industry as a whole. The club may have closed, but last week saw the first installment of ‘Space in the Park’ reignite the Ibiza electronic scene once again. Set in the open-air venue of Benimussa Park, (a derelict Zoo) in true Balearic style under the Ibiza skies. The high octane event united DJs, ardent clubbers, tourists and island residents, resurrecting a festival style atmosphere often missed inside clubs.

Hosted by ‘Game Over’ who have been responsible for the recent Carl Cox parties at Privilege, reclaiming the sleeping giants position as a major player on the club circuit. The team have brought together the same feel, freedom and legendary party shenanigans created typically by the terrace at Space. Expect everything from funfairs, markets, pop-up food stalls alongside diverse DJ line-ups that play homage to Space’s 28 year’s reign on the dance music scene.

Last week we witnessed hundreds of avid party goers entering the notorious ‘Zoo’ with a solidified devotion only seen at Space. Lovers of quality music and experienced ravers across all ages, nationalities and race fed into the venue. Epitomising what we love most about the music and the iconic club, transcending past all elements of segregation and uniting people on the dance floor.

The festival styled theme and soundscape actively kept everyone in the mood rising above the rain that cast over the island that day. Dedicated dancers bearing resilient smiles shone throughout until the end, celebrating 28 years of Space and marking yet another cornerstone in their influential history.

Dave Browning and Eóin Smyth of Game Over commented:

For us the music is the key. Great music transports you. No gimmicks, secret unannounced line ups and no nonsense. They are planning to bring it back to the roots, music and happy smiling people dancing all day into the night under the Ibiza skylights. If you’re not in it for the right reasons are you even in it at all?”

Today expect the finale to bring flashbacks of Space’s club closing, as we say farewell for another year in pure anticipation of what surprises they have up their sleeves. The line up has been kept a well-guarded secret under their self styled anarchic affiliation ‘if you know, you know’ keeping all the right people waiting for the perfect party. Based on the last few Game Over events you are in for a treat, previously they have presented the likes of Darius Syrossian, Carl Cox, Martinez Brothers and Rosska.

Don’t miss out on today’s last landmark Space event for this year, with great endearment and energy we enthuse you to attend one of our own certifiable highlights. We leave you with Pepe Rosello for the famous last words of what to expect.



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