Festivals worth skipping work for!
Words: Matt Mode
March 17, 2017

Who ever really needs an excuse to skip work?

Nonetheless, we have generated a quick fire list of some essential electronic festivals to entice you away from the daily grind. With a selection span across multiple genres and global locations, there is a little for everyone who fancies packing their bags and dancing till the dawn in far off places.

Sónar, Bacelona 15-17 June

Founded in 1994 as a festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, Sónar hosted in Barcelona is definitely a festival to keep an eye on when you are trying to elope from work this summer. The festival, divided into two digestible and engaging parts, Sonár by day – with performers and DJs, and Sonár by night, where the main shows and leading names in the current electronic music scene take to the stages. The program is complimented by Sónar+D (International Congress on Technology and Creativity) which incorporates a professional activities area. Last year alone, this event attracted over 115,000 electronic music fans from across 101 countries, courtesy of their strategic planning and amazing production. Best known for being the link between creativity and technology Sonar has become the meeting point for creative people and partygoers from all over the world.

Awakenings, Netherlands 24-25 June

Everybody that is active in the industry from punter to press is fully aware of this leading name and festival legend, based in Europe and hosted in the Netherlands. This two day festival has grown from its initial one day feature into a monstrous massive stage production and musical program. Over the two days they feature Djs and producers of titanic proportion, including Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock and Maceo Plex. Leading with a listing of 100 DJ Names that spans current superstars through to upcoming artists it drags more than 70,000 annual global visitors. If you’re daily target is for less work and more Techno then Awakenings is your perfect excuse to elude work this summer.

” If you’re daily target is for less work and more Techno then    Awakenings is your perfect excuse to elude work this summer.”

Mysteryland, Netherlands 26-27 August

Promoting a broad line up with over 250 DJ’s from across the world, Mysteryland plays host to some incredible music during their 2 day festival, located a mere 20km outside of Amsterdam. As one of the festivals forefathers, Mysteryland has run for over two decades and is a place where dancers and enthusiasts gather under the same sky to connect with the music. The Mysteryland agenda encompasses many genres which includes Trance, Techno, EDM, Hardstyle and a smaller diet of alternate electronica. Bringing over 60,000 visitors from all over the world to dance, play and spread their own brand of happiness, the event production includes breakthrough decoration with an eye for detail, where each stage is transformed into its own story to translate across the days and nights. Be prepared to come home with aching feet as it’s impossible not dance with such a solid diety of music as a motivator, forget work come party.

Ozora July 31 – 6 August

If you are into the more Psychedelic sound, Ozora in Dadpuszta, Hungary, is the place to be this summer. This free spirited festival is the destination to be yourself and revel in musical freedom for one whole week every year, since its induction in 2004 . Known as one of the fastest growing psytrance festivals in the world, Ozora now gains over 60 000 visitors to its annual arena. This psychedelic gathering pumps out relentless music that continues to drive dancefloor for its week long endurance. Highlighting the most famous artists in its genre, this festival is a must attend event if you are into the more experimental and faster aspects of electronic music.