Clubs you need to experience this year!
Words: Matt Mode
March 18, 2017

These are the top ten underground clubs you absolutely need to visit in 2017. If your an avid electronic fan here is the perfect program for your global adventures. Our trusted team provide a brief little insight into some great locations and alternate dancing destinations you should really check out in 2017.

10. Clarity In Sound & Stellar Layout

The first one on the list spinning at number ten is Tokyo’s WOMB located in Shibuya, which is definitely not easy to find. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but it’s a very different story inside. Home to the largest mirror ball in all of Asia automatically denotes they are serious about clubbing. With great attention to sound detail and technical lighting and lasers, this is one night you won’t forget in a hurry.

9. Exclusive Yet Expansive

The Octagon is at number nine. Located in Seoul, South Korea, this club will have you partying in the same venue as many current celebrities, who usually stay on the VIP floor all night long. With three different levels, boasting a range of music as well as an indoor swimming pool this is certainly an impressive abode. What more could you want?

8. An Island Dedicated To Partying

How about a glass roof to let the sunlight in during your club experience? At number eight is Club Tipic found in Formentera, Spain just across the water from Ibiza, this is perfect destination for any hedonistic holiday maker. It originally opened in 1971 with the legendary Pink Floyd leading a long list of performers over many years, including Techno Demi-Gods Sven Vath and Richie Hawtin. Now open seven days a week during the summer season, Tipic comes complete with a well tuned Funktion-One sound system so expect a great overall experience especially as the sun rises and lights the room through the exposed glass ceiling.

7. Lighting Dictates & DJs Dominate

Then there’s Watergate found in Berlin, Germany. It makes this list at seven as a Berlin clubbing behemoth in unison with its syncopated trademark lighting, complimented with stunning views of the River Spree viewed from the clubs floor-to-ceiling windows. Expect a consistent stream of high calibre yet underground DJs. As with many local institutions, the door staff are quite picky when choosing who can enter, but once inside, you’ll definitely stay until the last record is played.

“Travel to experience new sounds and social surrounds. There’s nothing more exciting than meeting new friends in a club and dancing till dawn.”

6. Limited Capacity, Large Identity

A concept club in downtown Los Angeles called The Lash makes number six. It’s small, but has two rooms with a subway-like corridor connecting the two. Slashed tiles accompanies your entrance to the dance floor and a dynamic selection of trending DJs will have you dancing till the early hours.

5. Only The Underground

At number five is Klub 20/44 located in Belgrade, Serbia. This club is a well kept secret that only ardent clubbers are aware of; it’s actually a boat on the Sava River and is open all year round. Be prepared for an incredible vibe that is unsurpassed and the sunrise from this social setting has to be seen to be believed.

4. Serious Production

At four is Harry Klein, located in Munich, Germany. With regular key underground artist bookings this venue stands tall in the quality club stakes yet holds its own unique approach. Harry Klein boasts a modest dance floor and provides creative visual lighting that includes interplayed psychedelic imagery. A great club you truly need to experience to understand.

3. Deep, Deep, Down

Third is Arkham, located in Shanghai, China. Here’s an underground scene that is literally underground – in a bunker. A relatively new addition to the city, it has a relaxed policy and overall cheap bar prices. It has three rooms with a capacity of 500 people so prepare to enter a labyrinth of tunnels that wrap around the main dance floor.

2. The House of History

Down to the top two underground clubs now. In second place is Rex Club, located in Paris, France. Built in 1932, this small place has a massive history. In 1992, it became a nightclub with legend Laurent Garnier as its prominent resident DJ. The Rex Club continues to deliver the biggest underground DJs booked for their nightlife parties, as well as combining future and fast-rising stars. Keep in mind it can become a pricey experience, with expensive door entry and high priced drinks. The door team and bouncers are strict, yet clubbing with history is a total must.

1. Number One is…

Sub Club, located in Glasgow, Scotland. If there’s one underground club in the world that you need to visit, it’s this one. It has a 30-year comprehensive history and home of historic parties and residencies. International Techno favourites Slam once held court there. In 2006, they installed the UK’s largest Bodysonic dance floor to emphasise the whole experience. You not only hear the music, but you feel every beat through your feet in this all encompassing venue.