Where are the best Underground clubs?
Words: Matt Mode
March 19, 2017

As the Underground scene is growing bigger and bigger each year, there are now a bunch of clubbing beacons to choose from in every country. Depending on where you are and what you are out for, it can be pretty hard to find the best places unless you are ingrained in what’s the current cool or hear about key events in the calendar.

Internet searches rarely provide an unbiased view especially without dramatic marketing capacity for venues to stand out, this will never be the case for true underground venues who value vibe atop a popularity contest. With so much choice it’s never easy to know the best one when especially the standard artist quality seems so similar. Both artists and venues draw attention, but certain places provide a far greater vibe and energy than others. How do you know where to go?

As one of the hottest cities in the world for underground music lovers, Berlin contains a consistent thread of holding the hottest underground clubs. If you find yourself in Berlin, don’t miss out heading for Berghain, the infamous old hospital building that pumps out incredible music 24/7 across the weekends. For those of you in Berlin that prefer to sleep between dance steps, Tresor (in the city centre) shines the spotlight on the underground scene and has long been known for its legendary line-ups. Both clubs present relentless programs of DJs and a selection of the worlds best performers. Queues can feel overbearing but don’t be afraid of the line, it is always worth the wait once you’re in.

“Everyone loves to be ahead of the global game, clued up and connected with the best venues that clubland has to offer.”

For those of you who prefer visiting Germany’s neighbour and Berlin’s little brother, the Netherlands should definitely go to the capital of Amsterdam to experience the diverse market of underground electronic clubs. One of the leaders, De School, is an old school building as the name reveals. During the weekdays you can work out in their repurposed gym and on the weekends transfer your energy in their club. Who doesn’t love to go to the gym at the same place as you go dancing? Serving as a hub that incorporates different halls, gardens and an auditorium as an active cafe and cultural point, this is a perfect way of servicing the rave community with a purely alternate approach. With extended opening hours and range of phenomenal music on offer, this is certainly the place to visit in advance of other destinations.

Considered the worlds most important electronic stage, Ibiza, remains one of the benchmarks for the scene. Previously (Space- now sadly closed) was one of the prominent clubs hosting the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin and more. A Vibrant blend of nightlife experiences and euphoria our pick is Amnesia, famous for being a headquarters of underground techno DJs Marco Carola with his almighty Music On brand and scene Godfather, Sven Vath amongst others.

Heading back to France, Paris also offers a bunch of great underground clubs. One highlight definitely worth visiting is Concrete. Placed on a boat, this nightclub rocks both water and dancers and has taken over as the weekend rave revolution with both daytime and night parties. From outside it looks solid with it’s smoking terrace leading with socialisation and once your inside it’s definitely designed as venue with dancing at its very core.

London itself has always been hailed for its innovative and edgy industry and is somewhat enjoying a major resurgence. Covering super clubs through to lesser known gems like Corsica Studios, one definite venue worth visiting while you’re there. On the flip side with Fabric bridging the gap you have Ministry of Sound, club, label and brand recognised across every corner of the planet it has a big heart for the house and electronic scene and albeit hosting a variety of genres over the years is enjoying a current slice of the deep house pie. However, when it comes to names that big, be prepared to chase tickets ahead of your evening so you don’t get disappointed.

The Nordic underground scene may not be the absolute largest, but offers a heart warming vibration that is now recognised and welcomed by music aficionado’s. It’s no guess that a club based in Copenhagen, named Culture Box is well worth a visit whilst you’re visiting the northern latitudes. With DJ names as big as the clubs on this list, Culture box really succeeds in showcasing what the Nordic underground scene is about.

Green Valley in Brazil, also known as the modern clubbing mecca, as the nickname denotes is definitely a place for electronic fans seeking warmer climate. With a relentless Techno and House deity pumping out from the speaker stacks, you never leave this location unsatisfied. With heavyweights like Carl Cox commenting “Green Valley is a unique place. I’ve traveled the whole world and I can say that there is nothing like it. If I had a Club, it would be just like the Green Valley” you know it has to be something special.