It’s All About the Music: MusicOn review
Words: Matt Mode
August 30, 2018

Music On techno sessions in Amnesia are not losing on popularity. It is rather the opposite, they are getting bigger and bigger. The Ibiza’s top underground DJ Marco Carola paired with Amnesia’s iconic venue guarantee the club is filled up to its capacity every Friday. Such a mix makes every techno fan experience complete. On Friday night the crowd went wild once again this summer.

Once Oxia hit turntables of the terrace and Leon the club room the crowd started to bounce rhythmically warming up for the long night to come. Lasers were scanning the dancefloor and CO2 cannons released once in a while with a bass drop. When French mademoiselle Miss Kittin reached the DJ console the party was taken to another level with her electro-techno gems. Simultaneously, Paco Osuna known for his sophisticated sound awareness and aesthetics was creating a unique atmosphere in the club room. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the industry. His creativity, courage and relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his principal and consistent virtues when it comes to making music.

The tension on the dancefloor could be felt with every minute getting the night closer to the performance of the Italian techno stalwart and Music On founder, Marco Carola. With the Italian extraordinaire Marco Carola at its helm, it’s clear that first-rate, quality music is the entire foundation for this stripped back event, making Music On a chief contender for the title top techno night on the whole of the island. Carola’s signature stripped back, minimal techno kept feet moving as he effortlessly streamlined through one emphatic bassline to the next level.

Carola’s calling card is no doubt his ability to deliver the darkest and most twisted sounds with an outrageous intense delay and reverb build-up. The Italian would disengage the ravers by dropping the volume right down, before shooting it back up, sending the dance-floor into fits of chaos.

Danny Tenaglia, the three-time International Dance Music Award winner, knew very well how to dominate the club room keeping it busy despite the presence of the global ambassador of techno in the terrace. With his 30 years presence on the music arena, Danny is well known for playing new music and incorporating it with music from his past, which is enthusiastically taken by its fans.

Amnesia was flooded by dance music fanatics from around the world but the full turn-out only added to the atmosphere which was thick with anticipation. The musical melodrama continued well into the morning, with the Italian-heavy line-up drawing a largely Italian crowd, but everyone is welcome at the pure authentic Ibiza club night that is Music On.

No doubt the mammoth magnetism of Music On will continue into 2019 but for now thank you Marco Carola for an unforgettable Friday night and, of course, Saturday morning. It truly has been ‘all about the music’.

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