Highly Anticipated Soul Central Feat. BLONDEWEARINGBLACK Lands On CENTRL Imprint
Words: Mike Mode
May 17, 2024

“My Desire” by Soul Central, featuring BLONDEWEARINGBLACK, has finally been released on the esteemed CENTRL Music imprint. This track showcases the duo’s ability to blend diverse electronic influences, creating a sound that is both unique and captivating. The song is already generating buzz in the club scene and is expected to be a staple in cross-genre DJ sets this season​.

BLONDEWEARINGBLACK, the featured artist, is a well-known talent from Ibiza who has previously collaborated with iconic figures like Kerri Chandler and David Morales. Her distinctive voice adds a special touch to “My Desire,” enhancing its appeal​.

This track has been circulating among global tastemakers and has already garnered positive feedback from DJs and radio shows worldwide. Described as edgy and uplifting, “My Desire” is poised to become an underground hit, resonating with both club-goers and electronic music aficionados​.

This release is part of a series inspired by Soul Central’s deep-rooted connection to Ibiza, reflecting the island’s enduring influence as a pivotal hub for electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. This connection underscores Ibiza’s role in shaping and inspiring the global electronic music scene.

Soul Central, the British music production duo widely known for their “Strings of Life (Un Amore Supremo) hit and string of chart topping releases continue to evolve their sound with releases like this one on the forward thinking CENTRL Music label, which has been delivering a series of standout tracks​ over the past 12 months.

For those eager to get ahead of the curve, “My Desire” is available now. Grab your copy and follow the artists on Instagram to stay updated on their latest releases.

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