Career Highlights With Clan Brude
Words: Rhys Buckham
April 15, 2024

The talented Producer Clan Brude continues to lead an exciting musical journey, so today we’re looking forward to being joined by him to discuss his highlights so far, diving into the standout moments of his career. As we learn about his initial interest in pursuing his passion for Electronic Music and gain an insight into his musical background, we discover more about his determination and ambition when it comes to establishing a reputation within the genre today. So, join us as we present this exclusive interview with Clan Brude.

Hi Clan Brude! How’s it going? What’s new?

Life is good, thank you. I’ve been busy experimenting with newer sounds including synth layers and have just put out a new EP in collaboration with Shanghai’s Hogchoker. This one leans much more toward the experimental side of things with Jazz elements. Think more free-from, as far as that could be achieved within the genre.   

What inspired you to pursue a career in Electronic Music? 

A general fascination with sounds, synths, layers, and sonic textures and just simply messing about in a DIY fashion. For me, this all became more accessible during COVID with a lot more time to experiment and finish tracks. I find the overall ethos of Electronic Music inspirational, from going out to gigs to spending time in front of Ableton.  

What were some of your early career milestones that helped you gain recognition in the realm of Electronic Music?   

Incremental releases across the two to three years I have been active. Releasing my first EP ‘Frequencies’ in 2022 was very important and a real milestone. I moved forward through a few singles then releases and started working with incredible vocalists. And then my Shanghai 2022 lockdown EP ‘Temporary Places’ last year which was a real Progressive House record and another step up into developing the Clan Brude sound.

How did feel when you had your track ‘Something Cut Me Loose,’ aired on BBC Introducing?

This was certainly a career highlight for sure and quite unexpected. I knew it was a track that had potential, but when I was told it would be played, it was a mixture of disbelief and pure adrenaline. The track was a personal milestone, blending my influences into a sound I felt was truly my own. To have it recognized by BBC introducing, an institution that champions new music, was both humbling and exhilarating. It felt like a nod from the universe that I was on the right path, and it motivated me to double down on my production work.

At what point, did you decide to make the move to Amsterdam? How has that influenced or impacted your music career now? 

That was a bit of a leap of faith but a very exciting one. The city is an Electronic Music haven and I’ve noticed there doesn’t seem to be any age bounds here when it comes to the parties they put on, particularly for Techno. This has created a new source of inspiration for me with my first real Amsterdam track ‘Redemption’ coming out next month. It’s not just about the access to a new audience but also about the creative osmosis that happens in such a dynamic environment. It’s definitely shaping my music to be more adventurous and global in its appeal.

Do you feel your background as a guitarist and having played in a band, contributed to your creative productions now? 

Playing guitar, and particularly bass, is an inseparable part of my identity as an Electronic Music Producer. It has instilled in me an appreciation of melody, harmony, and elements from music theory that I can transfer to electronic production. For instance, I can bring in elements of arrangements and dynamics as well as emotion that can be garnered uniquely from live instrumentation.

What software or piece of equipment did you feel helped in developing your musicianship over the course of your career as a DJ or Producer?

Ableton Live is the cornerstone of my studio along with my M-audio full-size MIDI keyboard for sketching out ideas. This setup, along with my interface for recording guitars and vocals, provides indispensable flexibility and power. In the near future, I’d like to get more into modular synths to open up that new dimension of sound design for me. 

Which releases, would you say, have been pivotal to your music career? 

‘Something Cut Me Loose’ getting high-profile radio play was pivotal in terms of recognition from within the industry. A few other releases have also had an impact on me personally in my development as an Artist. For instance, my first signed track ‘Someone to Be’ is a fond moment. And I am particularly proud of the 3 EPs I have put out. ‘Back in the Day Shanghai’ has seen the most traction on streaming sites and is a personal favourite as it encapsulates my time in the city. 

Do you feel you have officially arrived at your signature sound? Or is your musical identity still evolving? 

I feel like I’ve crafted a sound that’s recognizably Clan Brude, what has been called a blend of introspective melodies and driving beats. However, I view my musical identity as a constantly evolving entity, never static. With each project, I strive to evolve and refine my sound. I will continue to produce as I do but will also look to push boundaries in a melodic way! I never want to be complacent with my productions as that would take away a lot of the authenticity and reason for doing it for me.

What are some of your future projects as a DJ and Producer in Electronic Music? 

‘Redemption’ is out on May 3rd in original and extended forms which is hugely exciting for me as it marks my first Amsterdam-inspired production. I’ll be returning to some experimental collaborative work with vocalists and artists from diverse genres. It’s very fun crossing genres in that way. I also hope my projects continue to explore the limits of Electronic Music and connect with listeners.

As we conclude our interview with Clan Brude, we thank him for taking the time to look back through his musical journey to give us an insight into some of his favourite moments. With such a clear passion and enthusiasm for Electronic Music, Clan Brude promises to continue growing and evolving as an Artist, bringing more innovative and unique productions to his listeners around the globe.

Redemption Is Out May 3rd

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