Best Live Act of 2022
Words: Mike Media
December 20, 2022

It comes as no surprise that more producers and artists are bringing their musical talents to the stage. Live Electronic music has seen a wide variety of creative expressions, whether it’s working with machines, live instrumentation, vocals and even self-made instruments… we can see these artists are pushing themselves beyond their creative comfort zone and that’s why they deserve to be celebrated. 

Nils Frahm 

German neoclassical Nils moves his audience through traditional and electronic machines. Expect to be caught between a bank of synthesizers, sequencers, a grand piano and for sure some instruments he has created himself, he is a wizard of the music world. 


When it comes to listening to Techno live, no one does it better than KiNK. His energy is boisterous and bouncy, surrounded by all of his machines and gadgets.  You can be sure to witness syncopated drum programming that defines KiNK’s electrifying performances.

Cobblestone jazz 

Musically this trio provides something quite different, a characteristic set of live improvisation with a techno aesthetic.

Leon Vynhall 

Watching this master at work is something more intense, warped, intense and cerebral than the energy found in his releases. His live performances are progressive and hypnotic throughout. 

Henrik Schwarz

Henrik Schwarz’s iconic sound is instantly recognisable and combines electronic elements and acoustic, almost classic notes. He is a master of performances that give an emotive soundscape whilst effortlessly creating intensity through his sets, cleverly interchanging between classic, jazz and Techno. 

Mathew Jonson

Mathews’ outstanding live performances are mesmerizing. Using a range of electronic tools and keys he moves his audience from electronic genres in an improvised jazz style. 

Ben Böhmer 

The live sets of Ben Böhmer are an absolute must-see as he improvises around his own productions with newly created sounds for every gig.